Ramon Bennett, the writer of these blog postings, regrets to announce that his blog is now closed for the foreseeable future due to his desire to concentrate upon completing a number of books and the writing of the Update, the ministry’s newsletter.

Ramon thanks the hundreds of people who have logged into the blog every day and hopes they will continue to visit the dormant blog to read or re-read postings.

If visitors to the blog have enjoyed reading the postings and would like to read more of Ramon Bennett’s writings, please consider purchasing his books or subscribing to Arm of Salvation’s “Update,” which is a regular newsletter written by Ramon and which covers events around the world affecting the nation of Israel. To subscribe, click on the tab marked “Newsletter” on this site. It is available in either digital or printed form. To purchase a book via PayPal, click onto the “BOOKS” tab and choose from out of the selection.

Arm of Salvation welcomes readers’ comments on the posts and these can be made via the “CONTACT US” page on this website. We would also welcome donations to our ministry in and for Israel and the Jewish people. To make a PayPal donation to the ministry or to Ramon Bennett personally, simply click onto the “DONATE” button and use a major credit or debit card


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