Ramon Bennett was born in England just days before Adolf Hitler invaded Poland, igniting the Second World War. The Bennett family emigrated to New Zealand during Ramon’s first year as a teenager, and in New Zealand Ramon met a true believing man who showed him the reality of the risen Messiah.

Ramon struggled with the deep surrender required for a totally committed life until June 1965, and during August of 1967, while alone and in prayer, Ramon was powerfully anointed with the Holy Spirit. Shortly after that he began leading a team of evangelists in Auckland, New Zealand’s largest city, and also began accepting preaching invitations from local churches. Early in 1980 Ramon received a request for his help in Israel and in response to that call arrived in Israel in 1980, on May 14, the thirty-second anniversary of the founding of the modern state.

Ramon met his future wife, Zipporah, on his fourth day in Israel; they were married the following year. He felt the call to the Land and became a part of the then struggling Body of Messiah in Jerusalem where they still have their home today.

Ramon wears many hats. He is an ordained minister, a theologian, an International Bible Teacher majoring in biblical prophecy, a historian and a political analyst. Being a passport-holding citizen of three countries Ramon holds a uniquely international perspective on world events. He links biblical prophecy, current events and world revival together. His messages are illuminating and have riveted listeners all around the world.

Ramon Bennett is the author of several internationally best-selling books stemming from his expertise on biblical prophecy and the Middle East. His biggest selling book, Philistine: The Great Deception, released in 1995, is a dynamic exposé of the Middle East “peace process” and has been reprinted eighteen times and is available in six languages. Though some political names have changed, the facts and evidence provided in the book have not. Following its release in Norwegian, Philistine was for a full half year the subject of newspaper and magazine editorials, radio and television debates, together with several full and double-page newspaper spreads. Ramon recently completed All My Tears, an autobiographical testimony of his rather colorful life which some or his readers have longed for him to write for years.

Since beginning his international ministry in 1987, Ramon has lectured, taught, and preached in meetings, seminars, conferences and Bible colleges around the world. He has also been a frequent guest on television and radio around the globe and is no stranger to live or recorded telephone interviews for overseas radio programs. For nine successive years Ramon was a featured speaker at the ICEJ’s Feast of Tabernacles in Jerusalem, the largest Christian gatherings held in Israel. Ramon has since cut much of his overseas travel, preferring instead to spend more of his time in Jerusalem writing what the LORD places on his heart.